Zero waste beard products

Zero waste beard products

Zero waste beard products Zero waste beard products Zero waste beard products


 Luxury natural beard and hair care. Shape your beard while conditioning your hair and skin. 

Made with locally sourced sustainable beeswax and the heroes of skin care, Argon and Jojoba oil. With fresh scents of Pine and Eucalyptus, your beard and hair will look and smell great.

When you buy By Bravery, your zero waste product will be sent in recyclable cardboard packaging with certified compostable labels. Also you'll be doing your bit to reduce the impact on the environment. 

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Conditioning Wax - Refillable Tin

by bravery zero waste beard products conditioning wax


Free Shipping

Sent to you in a recyclable, refillable Aluminium tin

Conditioning Wax - Refill

by bravery zero waste beard products conditioning waste


Free Shipping

Sent to you protected in a compostable wrap

Beard Oil



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Beard Oil - Refill



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Return your empty bottles for free

 for a refilled bottle 


By Bravery Subscription

6 month subscription for £8 p/m

Save time, save money and get the same great product!

Join our subscription service and receive By Bravery conditioning wax every month to your door-step a week before your run out.


Conditioning Wax

Each button can be used more than's how:

1. Rub a button in your hands for 5-10 seconds

2. Put the rest of the button in your tin / pot

3. Style your beard as desired

4. Comb through any clumps 

Beard Oil

Once used, bottles can be returned to us to reuse.

1. apply 3-5 drops onto your hand (the bigger the beard, the more drops)

2. Apply to beard

3. Comb through your beard 

Your commitment

Honour your look

beard products look good

Quality should never be a compromise. We keep it simple but provide you with the exceptional. We are committed to providing you with great beard products and provide you with the opportunity to leave no impact to the environment. All of our products are zero waste but still of the highest quality.

Zero Waste

sustainable zero waste

Our zero waste beard products mean that nothing needs to be thrown away. Nothing needs to impact the environment. To achieve this we recycle and reuse. 

Our Products

by bravery zero waste beard products conditioning wax

We have developed products that combine the best ingredients with innovative design. This culminates in great products, low impact to the environment and cheaper than you expect. Our products are breaking the mould. 

About Us

Our Brand

We are proud of our heritage; being part of the Heron Clan, an old North East / Scottish clan from the 1200's. Our motto was By Bravery :- never fearing the fight, always protecting our families. That is what we stand for, this is what we strive for.

Our Ethos

We feel waste is the biggest danger to our environment. Recycling is a positive step but the processes involved still negatively impacts our world. We think that it is possible to have everyday products that provide great quality and value but has no waste  which is even better. Big brands are not doing enough to reduce waste because its not commercially viable or trendy. But we can show you that saving the world one day at a time does not cost the earth and doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality. 

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